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OPPO A54 Smartphone – For All Budget Enthusiasts

  The Oppo A554 simply continues the ongoing trend of smart phones by providing a number of useful features (such as 5G connectivity, a touch screen, and an excellent primary camera for less) at a very affordable price. There are also concessions, of course, which users will need to be aware of. As the name […]

Here Are Some Causes of a Gambling Addiction

What are some of the causes of a gambling addiction? As a former gambler and mental health counselor, I have done a lot of research on why people develop a gambling problem. What I have found is that there is more than one cause of gambling addiction and that although it is important to know […]

Online Casinos and Problem Gambling

An estimated 20 million people worldwide gamble online at internet casinos. In 2007, Americans (who were technically not allowed to use online gambling venues) spent $34 billion on gambling in bricks and mortar casinos, and that number does not include the amount spent at Native American casinos. There is no question that visiting a casino […]