Electronic Dog Training Collars

The original electronic dog training collar was often referred to as a shock collar. These collars were designed to break unwanted and destructive behaviors during hunting expeditions. For instance, if your dog was too rambunctious and tried to chase the prey rather than point, the electronic dog training collar delivered a shock to stop him in his tracks. Hunters also used these collars to get their dogs to return after a long day of hunting.

There was just one problem: the collars delivered such strong of a jolt that they demoralized the dogs. When the dogs became so afraid of making mistakes that they couldn’t function properly, the collars became counterproductive.

Eventually, researchers and dog trainers realized that dogs and breeds have different personalities, sensitivities and temperaments. A new electronic collar was created that minimized the harshness of the shock. In addition, these new collars could be adjusted to various shock levels. home appliances rr nagar

Advances have continued to the point where some electronic dog training collars don’t even use the traditional low voltage shock. One alternative is a collar that emits a high pitched sound your dog will immediately dislike. Another alternative, the citronella collar, is designed to spray a whiff of citronella at your dog.

Whichever form of electronic dog training collar you choose, the point is to grab your dog’s immediate attention. Once you have his attention, you can issue a command and work with him to respond properly to the command.

Today, one of the biggest applications of the electronic dog training collar is preparing dogs for agility competitions. Trainers use the electronic collars to help their dogs associate the corrective shocks with various actions on the course. Once the proper behaviors are ingrained, the trainers permanently remove the collars.

Many other dog owners use them in order to keep their dogs within a restricted area. This usually involves a wire in the ground that outlines the area and an electronic dog training collar that runs on a battery. When your dog approaches the wire, the shock is delivered automatically.



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